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Insurance Recovery

Scout has dealt with all aspects of restoration in residential and commercial remodeling. We can assist the owner in bringing their property back to pre-storm condition. Our goal is to find the replacement cost value for all restoration work and use those funds to upgrade materials on their property.

The Insurance Recovery process can be challenging and time consuming. Allow Scout’s team of specialist guide you in the right direction to ensure you receive your full refund and obtain optimal results. Our team works closely with all insurance carriers to maintain steady progress with all projects.

Insurance companies have been known to penny-pinch and/or deny claims without someone to properly advise the homeowner throughout the entire process. Every insurance company is different and each will require different skill sets to help alleviate the stress on the homeowner. The most crucial step in the process is to have an insurance recovery specialist on site during your insurance adjuster meetings. Most of the local contractors do not have the capability. You must ask them how well they know the insurance recovery industry. Everyone is entitled to second opinions, so before you take one contractor or insurance companies word, allow Scout Restoration to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Some of the larger insurance companies will not be able to provide the same detail on each claim as you would be led to believe. They usually bring in catastrophe adjusters from all over the country. Not all of these adjusters are going to know the specifics of the local building codes and installation process for the area that was damaged.

After a storm hits, you’ll need to be prepared for the following:

  • Contact a contractor to verify you have damage.
  • If the damage is noticeable or you have water intrusion, immediately call your insurance company. Make sure you obtain a claim number before hanging up.
  • Look around the house to find anything that may have been damaged. i.e. clay pots, awnings, gutters, personal property, etc.
  • If you see contractors more frequently in your neighborhood, there is a good chance there is damage in your area.
  • Act fast because there are Statute of Limitations for filing a claim.